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Chris P

Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Chris P » Wed May 25, 2011 6:30 pm

Tony R, yes of course. I jacked the car up on the O/S and supported it with 2 stands on the sill jacking points and then also put another 2 stands under suspension components to be sure. The elsa manual states that you have to remove the gearbox cross-member and the exhaust but you only have to remove the rear gearbox mounting and undo the cross-member - its a little tight but there is enough room to remove the gearbox rear cover with all that still in place. The complications come from the 4 bolts that support the mounting - these are the star type spline bolts so you will need the right tool, you cannot use a torx. The cross-member bolts are 18mm AF and are not overly tight, there are the 4 star spline type bolts that hold the mount to the gearbox. There are 3 x 13mm AF nuts which hold the gearshift support bracket and then about 10-12 torx bolts which hold the rear cover on. You need a container for the oil and you can remove most of the bolts without any oil loss but there is one bolt 3 rd or 4th up on the N/S which will leak oil when you remove it. I removed all the upper bolts and the awkward ones at the top. A point to note you need to support the rear of the gearbox with a jack when you take off the cross-member / gearbox mounting and there is sufficient room at the front of the engine to allow it to angle back. I recommend carefully measuring the oil then discarding it and replacing the gearbox oil - this must be genuine Audi Multitronic oil - DO NOT use standard ATF auto box oil. I also recommend refitting the rear cover back on the gearbox to prevent the ingress of foreign objects whilst your ECU is away. I posted mine on Monday and I got an acknowledgement that it had arrived on Tuesday - eagerly awaiting the phonecall (I Hope tomorrow) to be able to pay the bill and get it back. Refitting is the reverse and then you need to refill the gearbox with the exact amount you removed. I made a filling rig using a camping water container and some clear plastic hose and hung it from the porch of the house to get the gravity feed. You will need another star key to remove the gearbox level plug to be able to refill the box with oil - yes bless the German's, it fills from the bottom but its not too much of a performance and with a little bit of tenacity you can save a ferkin fortune - enjoy. If you need any further advice drop me a line to, I would be only too pleased to help. Kind regards Chris


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Odofin » Fri May 27, 2011 7:30 pm

I am experiencing the same gear box problem with my Audi A6 Multitronic car. The reg is O6 and has done only 44.000 miles. the gear will not engage and the Audi centre says we need a new gear box costing almost £4000. I have phoned their UK customer service but they won't admit any design fault. I am so upset as I cannot afford the £4000 and the guys at the audi garage are not helpful with some of their comments. Is there a way to fix this cheaper without compromising the quality of the repair.


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Fred » Sat May 28, 2011 12:04 am

Hi Odofin
I had a customer with an Audi A8 with the same problem as you have with your A6 Audi main agent told him that he needed a new gearbox at a cost of £8000 however i plug the car into my diagnostics equipment and found that the gearbox ecu was showing an error code as soon as i cancelled the code the car drove perfectly but the error came back several months later so we had the ecu checked and repaired by ECT Testing and it has been ok for the last 2 years no sign of a problem so personally i would suggest you find a garage with decent diagnostics to check it for you do not use Audi dealer as all they want is your money having said that if you are close to the kent coast i can recommend East kent Audi there service is A1 and there prices are a good 33% cheaper than any other Audi dealer that i know.

Audi master tech 40+ years and drive an Audi A8

Chris P

Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Chris P » Sun May 29, 2011 7:07 am

Hi Again, uodate time. Got the ECU back from ecutesting and duly returned my baby back to the road - faultless drive - and there was the idiot at Audi wanting £5K for a new box - what a joke.

Please read my earlier posts - I honestly felt that it was electrical but the symptoms blow you away - some folk might be lucky like me

Don't suppose anyone wants to buy a nice A4 Cab 2.5tdi?????

Good luck to you all, Chris


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by PF » Tue May 31, 2011 8:45 am

A word of warning! We've gone through this whole scenario, Audi no help at all so ended up having gearbox reconditioned and new ecu.

Car STILL not right and having battle now with company that did the work. DO NOT USE 3D TRANSMISSIONS LOCATED AT READING, UK.


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Leo » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:37 pm

I WAS going to buy an Audi A6 2004 with 72k miles


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by CJ » Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:31 pm

Had my A4 three years, gearbox jerks at take off if more than light throttle. PRNDS flashes every other day but clears up. Loses reverse once a fortnight or so. Lost forward and reverse the other day for the first time. Dare'nt go far these days, waste of time for a class car!?
Going to replace ecu myself. Little other choice. Won't buy another Audi.

Michael Sweeney

Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Michael Sweeney » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:48 pm

Hi, I have a 2004 A4 Multitronic and am now looking at getting it's 3rd gearbox! The first one was replaced at 68K miles and it now appears to need another one at 147K miles. I brought it to an automatic specialist in Dublin and before I mentioned the milage he said they very rarely last more than 75K miles. He appears to be spot on. Audi should be able to do something about the fault as everything else about the car is bullet proof.


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Jake » Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:46 pm

Just bought a 2002 51 A4 2.5tdi avant cvt, private sale, within 2 days (now been 2 weeks) i have the judder on setting off, lazy start off in 1st only it is driving me insane while trying to drive. My friend works at Audi and has changed my oil for me (Cvt) the box is quieter but still as above i thought is was the G80 needle sensor until i've just read this thread.
Whats the best thing to do ? go to Audi and book in for diagnostics as say i have a gearbox fault or what? the car has done 99k and has mostly Audi history but i think a Cvt oil change has been missed by the look of the old oil.
Any advice help would be brilliant or someone to fix it? In South Cheshire.

Thanks again


Rob D

Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by Rob D » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:24 am

Update on resolving mine: I took it a guy called James, a former audi mechanic, who trades as "the Audi Doctor" in Hazel Grove just south of stockport. He sorted a repair of the ECU for about 800 inc VAT - about half the cost of a new ECU being fitted at the audi dealer. Service was prompt and efficient and he'll be getting my servicing work from now on, partly because he's sensibly priced but mostly because I won't get the BS I get at my local audi garage.


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by SnakePliskin » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:54 am

Hi Rob D

Sorry to tell you but your stockport guy is charging you approximately £300 too much to change & recondition your ECU.

BBA remain will usually recon. for approx £250 & the maximum you should be paying for labour is £200.

If hes says hes fitting a brandnew ECU then hes a miracle man coz they retail over 800 on their own.

Not all that glitters is gold.
PS. Be prepared to lash our for a recon. box as well.


Re: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

Post by PF » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:06 pm

Today's update.
3D Transmissions agreed to fit a new ECU as we threatened to sue them for failing to successfully rebuild our gear box.
Went to pick up the car today - is it all sorted? NO!
They now say they're 'not sure' if they updated the clutch to a 7 plate (as they told us they had done) so they don't know which ECU it needs!
The car has to go back AGAIN (for about the 6th time) for a week to have the gearbox taken out, clutch and ECU fixed.

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